Careers in the Maritime Industry

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The maritime and transportation industry offers exciting work, an important mission, and a well-paying career. Some of the best fields to look into in the industry – fields where there is a huge need for workers – are:
•  marine electricians
•  welders
•  offshore wind technicians
•  nuclear test technicians
•  modeling and simulation technicians
•  marine design architects and engineers
•  green technologies
•  marine composites

Preparing for a Career in the Maritime and Transportation Industry

Do you enjoy working…
...with your hands?
...outdoors or in non-traditional environments?
...on teams? situations where you have to solve problems creatively?

If you think you might be interested in a career in the maritime and transportation industry here are the classes you should take while you’re still in school to make you an attractive candidate:
•  Algebra I and II
•  Geometry
•  Earth or Environmental Science
•  Physics
•  Tech Ed classes in manufacturing, engineering, technology, electronics, construction, or computer applications

In addition, employers like to see applicants who have practical experience within their area of interest. Join clubs, pursue internships, and get part-time or summer jobs that give you hands-on work opportunities.

Most middle-skill positions within the maritime and transportation industry do not require you to have a college degree. To advance within the industry you may be able to go into a company’s apprenticeship program and take work-related courses at a local community college and work toward a two-year Associates of Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) degree. Many maritime companies will pay for an employee’s higher education if the course of study directly relates to job needs.