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Fleet Support Group Now Hiring!

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The Logistics, Engineering, Technology and Training (LETTS) Group of Fleet Support Group will be hosting a hiring event on August 13th , 2019, also Shipbuilders Day in Virginia, 4 to 7pm at the NetCenter located at 5200 W. Mercury Blvd Suite 250 in Newport News, Virginia.

On the spot interviews will be conducted for qualified Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Shipboard Logisticians, Technical Writers, Designers, Managers, and IT Professionals. Planning Yard and Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) experience is a plus. Additionally, their Maintenance, Modernization, and Technology Services (MMTS) division has an immediate need for Welders, Pipefitters, Shipfitters, Electricians, Mechanics, Machinists, and Electronics Technicians. Fiber Optic and Connector Builder experience desired.

Please refer to the attached flier for further details. If you have any questions or know someone who is interested that is unable to make it to the event, please contact Jennifer Dunlap at Jennifer.dunlap@hii-tsd.com.