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2013 SMART Center Annual Report


Executive Summary

The mission of the Southeast Maritime and Transportation (SMART) Center is to transform the future of the maritime and transportation industry by developing a robust, highly skilled, and 21st century-trained technician workforce. This annual report outlines the activities the Center has undertaken to make measurable achievement toward creating replicable, effective models that support the Center’s three main goals:

•  increasing awareness of career opportunities in the maritime and transportation industry,

•  creating effective career pathways and educational programs that align with industry standards, and

  • •  serving as a model for educator and industry partnerships.

Ports, shipyards, marinas, ships at sea, and government represent vital employment sectors for the maritime and transportation industry and are a crucial part of our nation’s security and global competitiveness. While achieving several significant milestones the SMART Center has gained national recognition for its work regionally and is poised to replicate the successful models built this year for broader success. The following report details the Center’s progress toward its three primary goals, specifically measured by:

  • • major activities undertaken toward goal achievement,
    • key outcomes captured from Center activity,
  • • results of key outcomes, and
  • • the impact of the Center’s work both in the short and long-term for education and industry.

In addition the report includes significant materials and documents that chronicles the Center's work and measures of its effectiveness over the past year.