You might not know it but almost every day you benefit from the maritime and transportation industry. Every day hundreds of thousands of workers nationwide are sailing, designing, building, repairing, and managing ships that bring cargo to the U.S., ship goods overseas, carry our sailors to ports worldwide, and people sail for enjoyment.

There are cool jobs with employers in the martitime and transportation industry all over the U.S. that might be perfect for you! If you like:

  • learning about and using new technology 
  • making new things
  • working with your hands
  • working with teams of people on lots of different types of projects
  • working outside or in non-office environments

The maritime and transportation industry offers you the chance to do something you enjoy and make a good living while doing it. Middle-skill technicians are in high demand in the maritime and transportation industry. These positions require more education than a high school diploma but less than a four-year college degree.

The maritime and transportation industry offers you the opportunity to:

  • learn valuable skills
  • earn a good salary
  • enjoy employer benefits
  • contribute to our country’s growth and security

BAE Systems Ship Repair apprentice


Maritime Success Stories


Read first-hand from high school graduate Megan McCullar about why she took the registered apprenticeship pathway into the maritime and transportation industry and why you should encourage any student to consider doing the same or other success stories from industry employees.  



Anthony Bushlow

Catie Horne

Dario Aguilerra

David Tong

Megan McCullar

Sarah Canclini