Military to Maritime

The SMART Center recognizes that veterans retiring or separating from the service bring valuable skills, knowledge, and experience to the civilian workforce. The maritime and transportation industry needs the talent and expertise that members of the military possess to fill positions being vacated by the majority of current workers who are nearing retirement age as well as new positions being regularly added as the industry grows in size and importance.  Skills and training completed during military service often directly correlate to the skills required for jobs within the maritime industry.  Additionally, training and education aquired during service can be counted toward college academic credits.

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The SMART Center worked with Tidewater Community College's Center for Military and Veteran's Education to create crosswalks from specifc Navy MOS ratings to maritime certifications and degrees.  

More roadmaps like the one below can be found at




Want to search directly to find out how your military qualifications and training translate to academic programs in the Virginia Community College System?  They have created a portal to evaluate your Joint Services Transcript (JST).  Follow the link below to have your individual transcript crosswalked to academic credit.  




For more information on ways to transfer your military experience and skills into a maritime career, visit: Military to Maritime, an organization dedicated soley to helping vets transistion into careers in the maritime industry.